Board of Directors

Each Board member must express and demonstrate a commitment to the mission of the organization and be fully committed to the vision and service of New Unionville Home Society (NUHS) corporations. Board members must be willing to give time and resources (skills, experience, finances) in providing leadership to NUHS.

In addition, the Board has a fiduciary responsibility to residents, clients, their families, donors and the community – and is ultimately responsible for attracting funding and resources to ensure the financial viability of the organization and its programs.

2017-2018 Board Members

New Unionville Home Society
John Carruthers
Gina Conte
Paul Cousens
Glenn Crosby - Chair
William Gage
Philip Gunn - Treasurer
Dan Horchik
Philip Enright
Lyndsey McIntyre
Stan Shapson
Cheryl Shindruk - Vice Chair
Andy Taylor
Blair Tullis
Neil Walker
Gayle Whittamore

Unionville Home Society (Union Villa)
John Carruthers - Chair
Ted Madden
Lyndsey McIntyre - Treasurer
Cheryl Shindruk - Vice Chair
Stan Shapson
Neil Walker
Gayle Whittamore

Wyndham Gardens Apartments of Unionville
Astley Dennis
Philip Gunn - Chair
Dan Horchik - Treasurer
Malcolm Lennox
Blair Tullis - Vice Chair

Unionville Home Society Foundation
Debra Ambrose
Keith Chang
Jim Cochrane
Nicole Fletcher
Audrey Jamieson
Ted Madden - Vice Chair
Amaar Naqi - Treasurer
Patrick O'Hanlon - Chair