Board Survey 2017


The purpose of this evaluation tool is to assist the Board of Directors to:
• understand and recognize what is working well;
• identify areas for improvement;

The desired outcomes of the annual evaluation include:
• Board practices are reviewed and strengthened
• Interpersonal relations are strengthened
• Board practices are documented
• There is increased understanding of respective roles and expectations.
• The accomplishments of the Board are documented

It is intended that this evaluation tool will be completed annually by each director of New Unionville Home Society and its affiliate corporations. The Governance and Nominating Committee will have responsibility to oversee the implementation of this evaluation tool, including discussing a summary of the results, and preparation of a final report with recommendations to the Board of Directors.

In order to encourage open and frank evaluations, as well as offer anonymity to respondents, the evaluation process shall be directed by the Corporate Secretary, who will collate the results into a report which will be submitted to the Governance and Nominating Committee.

Questionnaire courtesy of 2005 Non-Profit Sector Leadership Program, Dalhousie University, which can be freely copied or adapted by voluntary organizations for their own use.