Special Event Highlight


Saturday   December 1      6:30 pm    Alta Harmonica Chorus Christmas Presentation

Sunday      December 2      6:00 pm    Christmas Movies on all Floors

Tuesday    December 4      1:30 pm    Deck the Hall for All Floors

Wednesday December 5    2:00-3:30 pm & 6:30-8:30 pm        Union Villa Holiday Open House – Residents & Families Welcome

Thursday   December 6      2:00-3:30pm Take your Picture with Santa Claus

Thursday   December 6      6:30 pm    Christmas Presentation with the Beavers    

Friday       December 7      3:30 pm    TRI-M Musical Presentation BV

Saturday   December 8      2:30 pm    St. Patrick Ensemble Choir

Sunday      December 9      2:30 pm    Family Council Christmas Tea Social

Sunday      December 9      6:15 pm    Jingle all the Way Christmas Movie

Tuesday    December 11    6:30 pm    Holiday Sing Along with “Jim & Murray”

Wednesday December 12 2:00 pm    Holiday Cookie Decoration with AVIVA Volunteers

Saturday   December 15    2:30 pm    St. Justin Junior Legion Christmas Performance

Saturday   December 15    6:00 pm    Chinese Music Appreciation with Eva

Sunday      December 16    6:00 pm    YouTube Music Appreciation- Christmas in Vienna

Monday     December 17    10:00 am   Festive Mid Morning Tea with RBC Volunteers

Monday     December 17    2:00 pm    Smile Theater Presentation

Monday     December 17    6:15 pm    Santo’s Movie Pick “White Christmas”

Tuesday    December 18    2:00 pm    Ginger Bread House Decoration All Floors

Tuesday    December 18    6:30 pm    Unionville Voice Choir Christmas Performance

Thursday   December 20    6:00 pm    YouTube Music Appreciation “Michael Buble”

Friday       December 21    3:30 pm    TRI-M Musical Presentation UM

Saturday   December 22    2:30pm     Christmas Jazz with Michelle

Sunday      December 23    2:30 pm    Christmas Presentation with Dave & Lisa

Tuesday    December 25    2:30 pm    Christmas Musical Presentation with Michael

Wednesday December 26  2:00 pm    Feature Movie – “Miracle on 34th Street” Part II

Thursday   December 27    6:00 pm    Travelogue to Holy Land-Israel & Palestine

Saturday   December 29    2:30 pm    Wintery Blues Birthday Party with Emilio

Monday     December 31    6:30 pm    New Year’s Eve Party


All events will be hosted in the Heritage Lounge unless otherwise stated.

Program times and dates are subject to change.