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Unionville Home Society (UHS) is committed to ensuring the health, safety, security and protection of its staff, residents, visitors, volunteers, students and contractors.  As such, UHS has created a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan which includes identifying and avoiding or reducing risks, preparing for those that cannot be avoided, activating an emergency plan to respond to an emergency, and returning to normal functioning.

For more information and to view our Emergency Management Policy and Safety Plan and plan, please CLICK HERE.


The Unionville Home Society (formerly known as New Unionville Home Society - NUHS) Strategic Plan focuses on innovative seniors care that will reflect and respond to the needs of our current and future clients, and the changing nature of long-term care.

Click the link below for the plan:  NUHS 2020-2025 Strategic Plan






Connecting Care
Ontario Health Teams Update

Unionville Home Society is a proud member of the Eastern York Region North Durham (EYRND) Ontario Health Team (OHT). We’ve joined with strategic partners across multiple sectors – including primary care, acute care and community care – to develop an integrated health system that connects care for clients, families and caregivers across Eastern York Region and North Durham communities.

For more information, visit the EYRND website.

Campus Re-Development Updates

Construction continues on the Unionville Home Society campus. For more updates from our campus re-development partners (York Region Housing and Minto Communities), please click below:

York Region Seniors Housing - Unionville Commons

Minto - Heritage Village Site Re-Development