Our History

In the build-up to the Centennial Year, 1967, many organizations and community groups decided to initiate special projects to commemorate this important milestone in Canada’s history. One of these groups was the Unionville Council of Churches. The idea of a home for senior citizens as a Centennial project was suggested by Rev. Lloyd Wiseman in October of 1966. It was estimated that there were then approximately 2000 people in Markham over the age of 65.

Reverend Wiseman did some preliminary investigations into nearby facilities, government grants and legal requirements, and presented his report in November of 1966. The conclusion — the need was there and it was urgent. And so the dream got under way. A contest was held, as a result of which by mid 1967, the dream had a name — Union Villa. In the fall of 1970, under the leadership of Chairman of the Board Keith Kennedy, Union Villa was opened. It represented the first step towards fulfilling the Founders’ vision and was the result of wide-spread enthusiastic community support and the co-operation of all levels of government, including financial support from the Province of Ontario.

Since those early days of excitement and enthusiasm the Unionville Home Society has become a leading seniors facility in Ontario. We have grown to meet the ever-increasing needs of the communities we serve across York Region. Today the Unionville Home Society provides a comprehensive range of quality care and special services to older adults and their families — promoting wellness, independence, and quality of life of the individual within a “home-like”, caring community.