Campus Bulletin: A Stronger Unionville Home Society

We are excited to announce that as of April 1, 2022, the New Unionville Home Society (NUHS) will be amalgamating with the Unionville Home Society (UHS) as one organization under the UHS name.

As you know, our campus is currently made up of four corporations and their respective boards: NUHS, UHS, UHS Foundation, and Wyndham Gardens Apartments of Unionville. This amalgamation will see our NUHS board of directors coming together with our UHS board of directors, to form a single, unified UHS board. All of the programs and services that currently fall under the operations of NUHS will now become part of UHS.  Our programs, services and staff will not be impacted in any other way. The corporate structures for the UHS Foundation and Wyndham Gardens will remain the same.

Our board members are dedicated volunteers who oversee the governance for our vibrant campus so that we can provide the best possible service to our clients. Through our unified UHS board and corporate structure, we look forward to collaborating more closely together in the ongoing delivery of high-quality and compassionate care for seniors in our community. The amalgamation will also allow us to be more efficient by making timely decisions, reduce duplicate work efforts, and be nimble when opportunities or emergencies arise.

You can view our amalgamated UHS board information on our website at

For more information, please read our Spring Edition of The Society Scoop. We will continue to share information about our  journey in upcoming publications and on our social media, so please follow us as we embark on our next chapter.

Ultimately, this will make us stronger and help us toward fulfilling our vision of building a community of care where older adults can thrive by aging well and living better.

Thank you,

Abby Katz Starr, President & CEO

Christine Joe, Board Chair,  Unionville Home Society