Heritage Village Tenant Update

LATESTS NEWS  – Heritage Village Tenant Update Message

ISSUED Thursday, July 30, 2015


The Board of the New Unionville Home Society (“NUHS”) would like to respond to tenant concerns raised over the past few days as a result of emails that circulated last weekend about the redevelopment project.

A number of you thought the Society is not involved.  In fact, it was our CEO, Debra Cooper Burger, who initiated the meetings with elected officials and discussions that resulted in the expressions of political will to make the funding and timing decisions a priority.

We cannot comment on email messages between the Region’s senior staff and Markham’s Mayor, other than to say we were pleased to see Markham’s political clout have the desired impact. Mayor Scarpitti and the Markham Regional and Ward councillors are aligned with NUHS in pushing for clarity on what we all hope is an appropriately phased development.

We are hoping that this renewed collective will translates into a York Region Council decision and budget approval this Fall to proceed and — as was originally planned – with the ability to build York Region’s new seniors building first on the campus.

The Region has cautioned us and, therefore, we caution our tenants not to think all of this is a “done deal”.  We have asked York Region to issue a statement today (Thursday, July 30) to confirm its position and the realities of its decision-making process.

NUHS will continue to ensure tenants have as many options open to them as possible, on a priority basis and with a range of supports. Our one-on-one meetings with our tenants will continue.  Relocation options will continue to be explored. Tours of facilities will continue to be organized.

We have a duty to communicate to our tenants that many of the decisions are now out of our hands such as those related to York Region’s funding, construction and building timetable.  We have always pushed for an early build of the Region’s seniors housing and we will continue doing so.

We continue to meet with the elected officials and to work with them to ensure this is a priority.  We do have your best interests at heart.

Let’s keep working on it.

Glenn Crosby, Chair

New Unionville Home Society Board