Program Calendars


Please note that programs are subject to changes or cancellations. 


July 2022 - Union Mills

July 2022 - Cedar Grove

July 2022 - Buttonville

July 2022 - Box Grove

July 2022 - Victoria Square


August 2022 - Union Mills

August 2022 - Victoria Square

August 2022 - Cedar Grove

August 2022 - Buttonville

August 2022 - Box Grove


The Villa Vibe - August Residents' Newspaper

Dear Families:

The Recreation team plays a key role in the psychological well-being of our residents.  Our staff know the residents and they are very familiar with their routine. They implement diverse  programs  and  experiences that meet the residents’ social, spiritual, intellectual and emotional well-being. The Recreation team is programming using creative tools and methods to provide 1:1 and small group activities daily on each unit.

For spiritual care, Pastor Jun, Union Villa Spiritual Coordinator is providing One to One pastoral/spiritual care to residents. Regarding request for last rites, Pastor Jun or the Recreation Manager will make the arrangement to contact the Priest.

Recreation staff take follow all necessary health and safety practices instructed by the Ministry of Health and Public Health; practicing proper hand hygiene; and sanitizing supplies/residents’ hands before and after each activity.