Resident Visitation Update – In Person Visits Cancelled

UPDATE: Due to the alarming increase in the incidence of COVID-19 infections in our community, the following changes to our visitor policies will be instituted.

The Outdoor and Indoor Resident Visiting program has been put on hold. 

Virtual visits can still be made using our online booking system at

Online Booking for VIrtual Visits

Effective October 5, 2020:

  • All indoor and outdoor visits are cancelled.
  • Only essential visitors/designated caregivers can be permitted.
  • Resident leaves will only be permitted if the resident consents to a 5-day isolation period upon their return. The only exception to this will be for necessary medical appointments.
  • We recognize the importance of designated caregivers and will continue to allow two per resident. However, due to our ability to maintain physical distancing, we would request that only one designated caregiver visits at a time.  Also, please visit your resident only.
  • When designated caregivers are visiting, please use the designated areas only. They are the resident room, comfort corners, dining area during mealtimes (if physical distancing can be maintained) and the courtyard (weather permitting).
  • At mealtimes, trays will be prepared after residents in the dining room have been served so please allot additional time for your visit if necessary.

Please follow the direction of the screeners at our reception area and the nurses on the unit.  If you have questions, please ask the unit nurse, nurse manager or a member of our management team.  Our goal is to keep everyone safe.  Our staff are putting their lives and families at risk to keep your loved ones safe and we appreciate your cooperation, particularly now as COVID cases are prevalent in our community.

Online bookings are on hold until further notice.

If further clarification or assistance is needed, please call
(647) 355-9591.



Union Villa Online Booking for Visits – Instructions

Visiting Etiquette

Which Visit is Right for You

Please review the information below prior to your visit:

  • Your cooperation in following these directions, as well as any additional requirements the staff may have, will go a long way to ensuring a safe and pleasurable experience. Failure to comply with or follow any of the protocols in
  • place may result in the termination of the visit as well as future visits.


  • Physical Distancing:  We ask that you maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from others at all times while in our Home.  We know this is the hardest one, but in order to keep our residents safe, we appreciate your efforts in avoiding physical contact and keeping a safe distance during your visit.


  • Limiting Movement in the Home: 
  • Outdoor visits will occur in front entrance courtyard and these visitors will not be allowed to enter the Home.
  • Indoor visits will be restricted to the Heritage Lounge on the main floor. Please do not socialize with staff, other residents or families during your visit.


  • Screening & Testing:  All visitors to the Home will be required to pass our active screening protocol, including a temperature check.  Only Indoor visitors will be required to verbally attest to a negative COVID test in the last 14 days.


  • Hand Hygiene:  There are plenty of hand sanitizer stations located throughout our Home.  Please use them when you arrive, at any time during your visit and again when you leave.  Be sure to rub thoroughly over all areas of your hands – front and back and between your fingers.


  • Universal Masking and Face Shields:  Outdoor visitors need to bring their own face covering, Indoor visitors and Essential visitors will be provided with a surgical mask by the Home.  You must keep your mask on at all times during your visit.  We would be happy to show you how to put on the mask and remove it if you need assistance – simply ask any of our staff.  Essential visitors will also be provided with a face shield and will be required to wear it, along with the mask, at all times while in the Home.


  • Bathroom Visit: There will be NO access to washroom for indoor or outdoor visits.


  • Food/Beverages/Gifts:  These are not permitted during the visit.


  • Pets: Pets will not be permitted during these visits


  • Parking:  When visiting your loved one, please park across from Union Villa at the plaza (permission has been granted)Once your visit is over, please leave the property immediately to allow for disinfection of the visiting area for the next family.


  • Feedback: Your post-visit comments and recommendations are important to us.  Please access the link below to share your feedback.

Visitor Feedback Form