Special Event Highlight



Wednesday              January 1     2:30 pm         New Year’s Day Social

Friday                        January 3     3:30 pm         TRI-M Intergenerational Music BV

Saturday                   January 4     2:30 pm         New Year Celebration with David

Sunday                      January 5      2:30 pm        Healthy Cranberry Social

Saturday                   January 11   2:30 pm         Ringing the New Year with Michelle

Sunday                      January 12   2:30 pm         Resident & Family Tea  Hosted by the Family Council

Sunday                      January 12   6:00 pm        Chinese Music Appreciation

Thursday                  January 16   6:00 pm        Documentary

Friday                        January 17   3:30 pm     TRI-M Intergenerational Music BV

Sunday                      January 18   2:30 pm       Entertainment with Robert

Sunday                      January 19    2:30 pm        New Year’s Karaoke

Tuesday                    January 21     2:00 pm      Blessing for the Chinese New Year

Thursday                  January 23    2:30 pm        Tribute to Robbie Burns

Saturday                   January 25   2:30 pm       Birthday Celebration with Emilio

Tuesday                    January 28    6:30 pm        Jammin’ with Jim and Murray

Thursday                  January 30    6:00 pm        Travelogue


Please note that all events are held in the Heritage Lounge unless otherwise noted.

While families are welcome to join, please allow the residents to be accommodated first.