Application and Admission Requirements

Union Villa long-term care home is publicly funded and operated as a not-for-profit organization. Union Villa is licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Long-Term Care. The province has specific laws and regulations for admission to long-term care homes that are designed to ensure fairness and equity in the system, so that it can serve the needs of people with greater care needs as well as people who are still independent.

All applications and admissions to Union Villa long-term care home are arranged by the Home and Community Care Support Services.


The first step is to call Home and Community Care Support Services at at 310-2222 and their Care Coordinators will determine your eligibility and help you apply.

Click the link below to access more on the Application Process:

Learn more on how to start your long term care application


Long-term care accommodation costs are set by the Ministry of Long-Term Care and are standard in all long-term care homes across Ontario.

LTC Accommodation Rates – Spring 2023

The current (maximum) rates for basic and private accommodations at Union Villa LTC are:

Accommodation rates (2023)
Type of accommodation Daily rate Monthly rate
Long-stay Basic $65.32 $1,986.82
Long-stay Private $93.32 $2,838.49