Q. How do I apply to Union Villa?
A. All applications to Long Term Care must be made through your local  Home and Community Support Services

Q. Is there a waiting list?
A. Yes, there is a waiting list which is maintained by the Home and Community Support Services, Central.

Q. What is a Residents’ Council? How can a resident get involved?

A Residents’ Council is an independent, self-determining group made up of only residents of a long-term care home. The Council is intended and designed to form the collective voice of all residents who reside in the LTC home, whether or not they attend meetings. All residents have the right to participate in the Residents’ Council. (Ontario Association of Residents Councils)

All Union Villa residents are entitled to be council members. Residents’ valuable input is forwarded to our leadership team, who makes every effort to address the areas identified as needing improvement. Meetings are held every months. Location and dates are posted in advance on notice boards. For more information, contact our Recreation Manager at (905) 477-2822 extension 4225.

Q. What is a Family Council?  How do I join?

A Family Council is a group of family members and friends of the residents of a long-term care home (LTC) who gather together for peer support, education, and to improve the experiences of all people in long-term care. (Family Council of Ontario)

The Union Villa Family Council focuses on enhancing the quality of life of the residents through collaboration with Union Villa staff to promote positive change. Meetings are held every month on the first Tuesday of the month.  Meetings are currently conducted virtually. The Family Council consists of family members, former residents’ family members and others who encourage input into care and services provided to residents. This important group also serves as an advocate for residents – speaking for those who may be unable to speak for themselves.

For more information, or to inquire about joining Family Council, please email: